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"How to decide whether a single subject score is significantly different from a group"

Posted on mars 31, 2022 in misc

Let us suppose we want to compare a single patient to a group of healthy subjects from the general population using a hypothesis testing approach.

The classical Hypothesis Testing approach

To decide whether a given man named, say, Alex, is French, one can place his height (190cm) on the distribution …

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How to convert videos recorded on a mini DV tape to mp4 files

Posted on avril 26, 2020 in misc

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"Correlated regressors in multiple regression"

Posted on mars 31, 2014 in misc

It is often asserted that when one two (or more) independent variables are correlated, this creates a problem in multiple linear regression. What problem? And when is it really serious?

In multiple regression, the coefficient estimated for each regressor represents the influence of this regressor when the others predictors are …

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Posted on février 15, 2009 in misc

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Performing digital audio recordings with the PMD670

Posted on février 15, 2006 in misc • Tagged with audio, howtos

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