Everyone is welcome here (except, of course, those who have borrowed books from me for and have not returned them yet 😉)


Here, you will find texts written over the years in the hope that they can help. If you like them, do the same: share your knowledge on the web.

I started using the the Internet before the invention of the World Wide Web, at a time when most users were scientists and humor and cooperation prevailed. We used gopher, archi, news and mail, and it was already a lot of fun. Richard Stallman's GNU project had proven the immense value of free software.

The web was created (in Europe, at the CERN, by the way) to facilitate the sharing of information between scientists. I created my first web site in 1995 to share my papers and software. This web site is the fifth or sixth generation1 : it is now adapted to small screens. I am progressively converting the previous pages and documents into the newer format. Do not hesitate to email me some old pages or find broken links.

The Web has changed enormously since the 90s. Now it contains a lot more noise, but there are still many gems (e.g. Wikipedia, github, ...), and creating your own website is easier than ever2.


[1]: Thanks to archive.org, one can trace the evolution of my web site, say in 1998, in 2001, in 2006, in 2016

[2]: this site is currently hosted for 3€/month on a virtual server at Kimsufi. It is powered by Pelican, using Flex's theme.