Gabriel Pallier

Fakultät für Mathematik
Institut für Algebra und Geometrie

Office: 1.022

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I am currently a postdoc in mathematics at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, working in the Metric Geometry team with JProf. Claudio Llosa Isenrich. Previously I was in Sorbonne université in Paris, and before that in Fribourg and Pisa, in the ERC Geomeg. I achieved my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Pierre Pansu in the Université Paris-Saclay in 2019. It was motivated by the work and questions of Yves Cornulier.

Here is a cv, and an academic family picture.


Interests Geometric group theory, and especially the large-scale geometry of connected Lie groups and their lattices. I have local interests in Riemannian geometry, and in dynamics on homogeneous spaces as well. Here is a research statement and scientific project: short version.

Publications and preprints



Some selected presentations and posters

  • [slides] Sublinear coarse structures and Lie groups (YGGT Lightning talk, 2021)
  • [notes, Slides] Dehn functions of nilpotent groups
  • [slides (long)] Géométrie à grande échelle des groupes de Lie de courbure négative (Marseille, 2019).
  • [slides (short)] Sublinearly quasisymmetric homeomorphisms (Jyväskylä, 2019).
  • [poster] Large-scale sublinearly Lipschitz geometry of hyperbolic spaces (Rennes 2017)
  • [poster] Invariants for sublinear bilipschitz equivalence (Oxford 2019).

Some presentations of my research to a general mathematical audience

Reviews for Zentralblatt and Mathematical Reviews (the latter requires access to MathSciNet).

Translation and notes on P. Pansu's Carnot-Carathéodory metrics and quasiisometries of rank one symmetric spaces.


Almost all the teaching material I produced is available only in French and can be found on the French version of this webpage.

Other mathematical writings

Includes some writings in French.


Geodesic flow on a homogeneous space

Uniform polyhedra and polytopes

Nilpotent Lie algebras of small dimension (better on a large screen)

Société mathématique de France.
Revue de presse d'Image des maths (mensuelle).
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