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My favorite softwares

Posted on février 12, 2001 in computer-science


To connect to a distant computer, I mosty use ssh -Y login@server.

sudo apt install openssh-client openssh-server wget curl ncftp

First thing to do on a new computer:

ssh-copy-id remoteaddress

Remote processing

To create a persistent terminal (to be installed on the remote server)

sudo apt-install tmux

Version control

sudo apt-install git-core git-doc svn

Synchronising two directories

unison compares two directories and allows to perform a bidirectional synchronisation, proposing to copy files in both directions.

sudo apt install unison-gtk 

In the simple case of a unidirectional copy (to update a destination directory to match an origin directory)

sudo apt install rsync rclone

To copy

rsync -a --info=progress2 origin/ destination
rsync -a --info=progress2 --delete origin/ destination


backintime is the perfect tool to regularily backup one's home directory to an external harddrive. It takes snapshots, identified by date and time, minimizing disk space by using hard links for unmodified files.

sudo apt install backintime-common backintime-gnome

Cleaning disk space

When du -h | sort -rn is not sufficient, I use baobab to find which directories are large.

sudo apt install baobab

finding duplicated files

To find duplicated files, that is files which have the same content even if they have different names, I use fslint-gui

sudo apt install fslint

Comparing two files or two directories

To compare two text files, if not in emacs with ediff, my favorite tool is meld

sudo apt-get install meld


Nowdays, I try to use markdown format as much as possible. I still have a few documents in asciidoc

sudo apt install pandoc pandoc-data asciidoc


sudo apt install emacs emacs-goodies-el auctex ess


sudo apt install texlive-full latex-beamer inkscape


sudo apt install audacity praat sonic-pi hydrogen \
rosegarden ardour


sudo apt install gimp lightzone

Miscellaneous tools

apt install debsums apt-file build-essential autotools-dev \
             powertop htop tmux dialog gvncviewer gpp curl \
             gparted baobab


sudo apt-get encfs sshfs


Download anaconda python from

sudo apt-get install pychecker pyflakes

Je décris dans ce document comment utiliser les « autotools » pour créer et distribuer des packages .tar.gz. « à la GNU ».