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Posted on juillet 25, 2010 in Food-for-thought

Some popular science books that I enjoyed reading.

L'homme qui prenait sa femme pour un chapeau | Left hand right hand | The Design of Everyday Things

QED | Spacetime | The Fabric of the Cosmos

Intuition Pumps | Psychology as a Science|

I am a strange loop |Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies | Surfaces and Essences

Consciousness and the Brain | L'homme thermomètre | Machina Sapiens

The Symbolic Species | Biological Foundations of Language | Phonology, a Cognitive View

Patterns in the mind | The Stuff of Thought |

Le Hasard et la Nécessité | A la recherche du réel | Qui sommes nous?

Tristes Tropiques | The World until Yesterday | Mind makes Societies

The Code Book | Alan Turing: The Enigma | Sustainable Energy, without the hot air